Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close!

Apologies for shamelessly lifting the title from the movie but it has been a movie marathon lately, wherein I have either been watching lots of them, or sharing suggestions, or simply having lengthy discussions with friends on them. Blame it on the Oscar fever, I thought since I was doing so much of this stuff, I would rather organize it in a post and put the  list out here for good use! After all, movie watching, like book reading is only fun when you have a thought or opinion about it later, sometimes as tools to analyse and introspect our own lives. So here are some, that either made me smile, laugh, shed a lone tear, or simply changed something inside only a lil bit…:)

– The Descendants

Besides the fact that I can watch anything with George Clooney in it, he makes sure that you forget all about the aesthetics five minutes into the movie. ( Maybe not really..:)). Again a class act after ‘Up in the Air’, Clooney is perfect as the Hawaiian lawyer and struggling father coming to terms with his wife’s permanent coma. Even though a whole gloom surrounds the subject, the story moves so smoothly on you, it has to be superlative writing. And of course, I am keeping my fingers crossed for Clooney to win the black lady! Watch it….It can’t be missed.

– Love me if You Dare

This is an old French movie from 2003 and I can’t believe that I never discovered it before! For the lack of a better word, I would call the movie insane. It is only after ‘ Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ that I have seen a tale of crazy love. Story of friends who take a childhood game too far where winning takes control over everything in their lives, told with the gentleness/child-like innocence only French cinema offers. It will leave you touched, befuddled and angry at different times. Or may be it was just me!!:)

– Blue Valentine

This one is from last year, and maybe since I had already had too much of Gosling in Drive, I couldn’t really empathize with him in this one. The story juxtaposes the different times in the life of a now worn out married couple and the time when they first fell in love. Be warned, Michelle Williams’s  expressions as the wife and the mother out of love with her husband will simply break your heart. Watch only if this is your cup of tea.

– Drive

Yeah so you already know that Gosling is great and so is this movie. If you are fans of cinema that remotely resembles PULP FICTION and the likes, maybe you will see glimpses of it in Drive. What is not to be missed( even if you ditch the movie) is the haunting soundtrack that is simply another character in the movie and it literally had me ‘UNDER YOUR SPELL’

LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9K7rmxjk5RQ

– Bridesmaid

Ha.Ha After the tears we shed aplenty, Bridesmaid is the women’s answer to Hangover and more!  Don’t dismiss the movie as a chick flick by its title, it has some hilarious scenes, great performances, and A STORY! The story of a woman trying her best to be the bridesmaid to her childhood friend while dealing with multiple professional and personal crisis.


Easily the most lightly told cancer story and yet sensitive in the right places. The film traces the life of a 27 year old who is detected with a rare form of cancer. The movie is not going to tell you anything new, yet surprising it will have you smiling throughout. That is really a tall order for a story based on tragedy.


Delicious. Beautiful. Still watching it one part at a time. Yeah, and I am not going to review a Martin Scorsese work coz you gotta watch the movie with the maximum Oscar nominations this year!

– Ek Main aur Ekk Tu

Just about the only bollywood fare I watched lately and wasn’t really disappointed. At least the movie, even with its premise borrowed from various VEGAS movies doesn’t get caught up in the cliches you will expect. It is nothing path-breaking, but then what has been besides Vidya Balan and A.R Rehman’s Rockstar soundtrack. Come on Bollywood, we have a lot of catching up to do!

More on movies and relationships in the next blog, Happy Watching!

P.S: I haven’t seen ‘Extremely Loud and ………..’But I love the title incredibly..:D


3 thoughts on “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close!”

  1. u meant the golden statuette… black lady is apna filumfare.. bt doubt clooney will get it… The Artist’s actor is a very strong contender… rest shud be Hugo all the way…

    p.s – that french flick has intrigued me…


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