Happy Women’s day and all that!

So it is only co-incidental that  this post is timed around the International Women’s Day, and while everyone will do their bit to thank the women in their life (I hope) this week, I will make this post about what/who I have been mulling over the past couple of days. I have decided to  post about ‘virtual’ women I have drawn inspiration/strength/advice from in the last 5 years, after I discovered the blogosphere ( Which I am not sure is a word yet). Not that I don’t have enough ‘Real’ Women to thank or admire in my life, it is just that, until it is well-written, no matter how well meaning, I have often failed to process advice from the ‘real’ quarters. First, their is comfort in anonymity, since in the 5 years of my stalking these women on their blogs, I have never left a comment/opinion/congratulatory note. (Reasons for which are unknown and for the lack of a better one, I would let my laziness cover this one up for me.) Second, when you hear someone’s talking from first-hand experience, not a celebrity on Oprah, but someone with a similar cultural set-up, similar boundaries/freedoms, just like sharing stories with a friend over coffee, you bond immediately. No matter that the person is talking to a whole audience on the web, writing connects two strangers in a dimension that literature thrives on.

So let me start from where it all really started, when I discovered the candid blog by feisty Jhoomur Bose ( for me JB senior, and we will get to the ‘why’ in just a bit). Five years ago, JB was everything I was not. ( her blog was called http://eveemancipation.blogspot.in/). Her candid confessions and boldness had me gaping like a teenager who had just discovered porn. She wrote about everything from dating, abusive relationships,rape, eve-teasing and life of a single woman in Delhi. So in awe I was of her persona and her writing, it fueled the desire for my own blog to channel my negative energies when the need came. However, I probably never dared to leave a comment or share an opinion on her blog, because I would to have to try really hard to not make a fool of myself. Now, years later I still wander to her blog sometimes because hers is one of the most fairy-tale like( if there is such a thing in life) turn-around stories. Only now, her blog is called( A twist in the tale!) where you get greeted by the picture of the prettiest thing ever- her daughter. JB senior now writes about parenting her daughter Mia and her baking while living in Australia. If that is not the stuff of novels, I don’t know what is! For what her story really is, you need to read her blog. Here is one of my favorite JB Senior posts.

Only last week I discovered JB junior- Judy Balan. ( I call her that purely because of her chronological order in my blog-reading life. Also, she began writing some 2-3 years ago) Judy is a single mom in her twenties, who took to writing post-divorce, finally finding her calling and Thank God she did! If JB senior was the mirror to the angst in my college days with her I-couldn’t-care-less attitude, I connected instantly with JB Junior’s journey to becoming a self-restrained woman. In just a couple of posts I was hooked to the Judy’s deconstruction of the generic problems that plague all women across the board.She uses quotes and references from movies/books/Sitcoms and stuff that I have piled on in my head over the years. ( Like I didn’t know of any other human being who quoted from Ally Mc Beal or loved it!!) She leaves me in splits and she leaves me in tears all at the same time, while writing about coping with her divorce, reconnecting with GOD, raising her daughter, or finding ‘the one’! Here is one of my JB Junior’s Posts. I am yet to check out her first book, ‘Two Fates’ a parody on ‘You Know Who’s’ bestseller. Only it is the story of a divorce.

Hence this Women’s Day, I am just thankful for the inspirations that have come my way through the years, in the form of these amazing courageous woman bloggers for sharing their stories, only to make me realize the frivolity of my own troubles.

P.S: Also, I will try to leave a comment, the next time I visit.




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