Older Entries: Coffee with You!

So over a century and a dozen weddings later I caught up with my  dearest girlfriends over coffee and  piled on conversations. It is almost impossible to fathom that we have graduated from sharing gruesome architecture college drill to smiling over post marital experiences of the first among us to have walked the line( or shall we say ‘circles’= Pheras?) It was only yesterday evening that we were at Radhika’s house in Delhi, huddled over a pile of sheets that had no hope of making to the pin up board the next morning, the day of the scheduled jury. Somehow, I don’t remember the state of panic we might have been in owing to our procrastinating ways.But i clearly remember laughing out aloud, sometimes rolling on the floor over our useless sheets, or falling asleep on the red  bean bag while time was growing its wings in the vicinity, secretly. And before we knew it, in between one paycheck to another,from travelling one city to another, and through various business deals that Shriya might have cracked..:)- We all grew up, Radhi, Shriya and I, sometimes willingly, sometimes with resistance.

And here we were, a month since Radhika’s wedding, wondering how the moments in between 22 and 26 could be accounted for, because clearly today seemed like no time or distance had ever conspired to keep us apart.

Over these years I might have, for the lack of having them around convinced myself that girlfriends were a thing of the past for me, and life and people had moved on. But then as Bernard Shaw says- ‘Man travels the world to find what he is looking for, and returns home to find it’-  I think I did travel home today.


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