Older Entries: Facebook and such

So  I started to think about this in and around the time my friend Vinod blogged about this here: http://bit.ly/iakT9b. Or maybe I was sub-consciously guilty of these charges and only owed to upto them once he put them down in his words. “The internet is turning all of us into voyeurs and prostitutes”, he claims and I couldn’t agree more with some reservations. In the past, before posting a picture, sharing a thought or even posting a comment I have deliberated, contemplated and edited several times little versions of me I volunteer to be put online, to be shared with 300 odd people, some of which I have rarely exchanged conversation with. The pleasure of posting a picture I took at the spur of a beautiful moment is adulterated by the thought of scrutinizing for facebook share-ability. Bur then when we all are busy posting pictures of weddings, honeymoons and drunken nights, this  line of appropriateness is growing fainter and thinner.

I am equally guilty in the department of words, where I find fighting myself into putting down my exact thoughts, reactions and frustrations on my statuses, only to sugar-coat them in metaphors of song lyrics, poetry, quotes and such on second thought. My only check being my personal disapproval of passive aggressive status feeds by other people.

I am like all of us – afraid of being judged and perceived as anything other than my own rightful image of myself . Hence as I experience things, they change through these complicated filters before appearing as a feed.

Last week, a friend pointed out of how I had put a close-up shot of myself as my display picture, and I realized this was one of those times I had fallen prey to sharing without contemplating. That is a dangerous temptation.


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