Older Entries: Vanity No Apologies

So I saw two bollywood movies in the past month. Peepli Live which ofcourse moved and amused me the way it was intended to, and after much skepticism I saw Aisha, touted as the ‘brainless’ fashion galore- Jane Austin stirred with clueless and viewed through Louis Vuitton/Dior rosed glasses. Earlier I had stayed away from SATC-2 for similar reasons, in account of bad reviews and a show of poor cinematic intellect if I did actually watch them. However, I ended up watching them, and  loved them both! Ofcourse, I did not shout of my  love from the  rooftops aka facebook/twitter updates, or have long post-incpetion like discussion with friends over these. Nerveless, I loved every bit of my old screen mates bonding yet again over fashion, men( or the lack of them) and vanity! We have been friends since I never missed the series on TV set in New York City, and I did not mind much the fact that it had been set in a different city in the movie as long as the key elements remained the same. They still moved in their own bubble of  couture, treading through the high life in their equally high Manolo Blauniks heels, distanced from the grime and depressing layer of ‘reality’ . Aisha did the same thing. Did it represent any of us through our quarter life crisis struggling through career, employment or relationships? Well, No. But it did take me away for a while from the dust of the city turned upside down and its burning issues, into the land of pink things, where Chanel was affordable and you never had to sweat a minute to own a Jimmy Choo.  Where life skipped from one fancy mall to another farmhouse party, without the necessary detail of road cave-ins, water-logged neighborhoods or the marginalized strata of society. I embraced every bit of fantasy that Aisha had to offer, like I did with Legally Blonde, Devil Wears Prada and such. Locked them in, to remind myself once in a while, that maybe, just maybe reality is over-rated.


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