Older Entries: Why I am NOT Sid!

I loved him. The reckless, careless, aimless yet adorable and harmless Sid.I loved him irrespective of the degree to which I liked/disliked the motion picture and that is probably why it would rake in the moolah. The protagonist in ‘Wake Up Sid’ seems Oh So Familiar, so close to home until I started to think about him more and concluded otherwise. Here’s how!

Ofcourse we have all been there, done that. Been carefree about our troubles, been oblivious to having any, spent money we never had to sweat out for, driven cars we never paid insurance for and dined out like it was nobody’s business. Never thinking once, secretly hoping we would never have to be vocal about how grateful we were for the luxury we assumed was a birth-right. And similar would be our journey of the painful process of growing up, paying bills, paying for car insurances, mortgages, so on and so forth. Yes we did the growing up bit, since it is inevitable, but did we skip the ‘waking up’?Because clearly, they sure don’t mean the same things. No to me at least.

Of course I have a career, but I don’t have the answers. I know I can do this, and doubt if I should be doing it. I like what I do but I question if I could love and sustain it?And there are days that I want to quit and be something else. I am still waiting for it to fit and make perfect sense. Now. Whenever. I don’t know if I know SIDs in life either, but I have seen hints of him here and there. Some in a friend who decided to make nothing of his MBA to chase a dream to become a sports writer- would he be it?or another who quit law practice at 40 to start all over in architecture-SID?or another who quit his job in a jiffy, the moment the futility of it dawned on him?The one who regrets not having chased a career in sports while he writes codes daily?Or would I be SID since I packed my bags to return home even after having promised to never look back?
I am not sure if there really is a moment when we wake up.We learn ourselves better probably-in life, love and work. Answers to a few random questions probably- the exact shades of purple you love, the sugar in your coffee you relish or that movie which always makes you cry.I don’t have the more profound answers. Not now at least.

“Lelaina Pierce: I was really going to be somebody by the time I was 23.
Troy Dyer: Honey, all you have to be by the time you’re 23 is yourself. “- Reality Bites.

Anyhow.I am NOT Sid. I wish I was.


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