I did stand onl…

I did stand only footsteps away,

still soaked in our goodbyes,

only there were no second glances.

Between apologies and obituaries,

for what was lost through tricks of time,

I did wait through the mourning hour,

but you said there were no second chances.

And rescued a few drowning conversations,

sorted out scrambled memories,

some pictures still immune, some distorted in life’s drudgery

Yet I dusted the pain, the hurt and evidence of time,

just to keep us shining new,

distorted your parting words each day,

building my castle where only ruins grew,

Pieces of you I handpicked then,

sifting through some words in songs you loved,

or from smells that you made your own,

and even books you never opened to read,

And played our tune over and over in my head and again,

but you promised me no last dances.







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