Why I won’t say ‘I Do’

Sometimes I am asked, if I would (if I could) turn my writing into a more professional, committed venture. Take it from its current state of nothingness of blog-posts to a thing of order, structure and thus market value. And honestly, at various occasions sometimes at the face of opportunities and at times in realization of my pure passion for it I have come very close to saying ‘I DO’. But every single time, before officially donning the role of a ‘writer’, in true commitment-phobic fashion, I got cold feet and made a dash for the exit door.  And even though I have held the key to that behavior for a long time somewhere, I only recently articulated the response in the course of a mundane exchange. I answered the query stating that I would rather keep writing as the eternal romance in my life than loading it the expectations and complications of a full-blown commitment. Simply put, writing to me brings  joy, meaning and all that jazz currently because of the sheer fact that it exists in the parallel universe of leisure. I pick our dates when I have the time and am really in the mood, dress up for our outing in the valley of words and come back rejuvenated from the experience. Our conversations are fun, generally musings about nothing and far removed from the concrete subjects of financial security, stability and such (topics that unfortunately plague long-term commitments). Both writing and I, kiss our goodbyes, make no concrete promises for the next rendezvous. The romance continues.

On the other hand, if I were to sit at my desk, every single week, to honor a date on my calender, we would surely breakup! And not in an ugly, rash way but the slow bored-to-death variety, where you are too polite (and too much in love) to let go otherwise! If I were to manipulate lengths of my thoughts, stretching/ceasing them in their natural course, viewing them as money churners, the magic will be lost.  So that is the precise reason why, when the opportunity to write for money/name/fame  goes down on its knees to woo me for life, I let it pass for the future of my relationship with it!

Hence,  all the hoopla around ‘following your heart’, ‘turning hobby into profession’ is generally lost on me, because if what I do for pleasure, becomes what I do for a living, does passion stand a chance before practicality? Wouldn’t your passion as it becomes a profession soon be driven by market forces and what sells rather than letting you follow your heart’s whim?

All you amateur photographers, musicians, chefs and fellow bloggers- can you say ‘I DO’ anytime soon?


2 thoughts on “Why I won’t say ‘I Do’”

  1. while its true that passion gets blurred when it becomes a profession, there is something people on the outside dont realize easily. that being, writing professionally is just like any other field of work. no one goes from a blog to being the editor or chief correspondent (with the freedom to write what they want) of a renowned magazine/newspaper in a flash, just like no one graduates from an MBA college and becomes the CEO of any company. it takes time, learning and a lot of sweat and blood, probably a lot more than any other line of work cos criticism comes in so easily, depending sometimes even on the whims n fancies of those who dont know how to spell correctly.

    yes there r shortcuts, like if ur dad owns the company or its equivalent of winning the Booker prize or something alike. good writers are a dime a dozen. great writers are rare, and these editors know how to find them. in the end it comes down to keeping the passion alive n biding ur time. its a tough balancing act, but what is easy?


    1. So happy that you came out to comment. One of the people I had in mind while writing the post due to obvious reasons. You are obviously someone I have seen groom into the role you are in right now. Thanks for dropping in!


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