The Bro (c)ode

I finally managed to watch  grande culmination of the Nolan’s Batman trilogy- The Dark Knight Rises ( but not before catching up on the equally brilliant Batman Begins and  Dark Knight) And then after my share of debates with the guys on DC comics’ other super heroes, Nolan’s little tricks in the movie and inception’s ending vs. TDKR’s definite closure( which is debatable in some people’s opinion), I decided to be a girl and spend rest of Saturday watching older episodes of Sex and the City ( and I know you are saying- ‘poor show lady’!, but whatever!)

But of course hungover from all the superhero action in the past week, I grimaced through most of the episodes of my one-time-fav. gal show. And all the guy bashing on show suddenly seemed very passe to me. Of course I continue to hate the commitment phobics, the arrogant alpha males that the show criticizes ( and also glorifies in the same breath), but I find a absence of of man-woman friendship in the show that talks at length about relationships, very absurd. Because some of the best and uncomplicated friendships in my life have been with these creatures from Mars( and so say some of my other girlfriends) Hence, in response to this, here goes for the first time, a sort of an acknowledgement to all Martian friends of mine (no names of course!) , without whom I would just be a gal with great taste in shoes! ( excuse the exaggeration)

The Social Animal

The quintessential must-have for some people as lazy as me who can’t even make coffee dates with friends even with all the free time on their calenders. He literally drags you out of your house (mostly with very little warning), to get mutton rolls from sketchy places in the city, or drink beer on a weekday, or just get pan after dinner from across town! Also, sometimes gets you invited to all his other friends’ parties/get-together because he wouldn’t have it other-wise.  He is one-half of your social life and though you don’t even oblige to laugh at his very very poor jokes, you are secretly thankful for one uncomplicated perspective in your life! ( And mostly, he doesn’t even read your blog, because he finds it, ‘intellectual’, ahem!) The downside you ask? Well having to watch some of the crappiest movies ever (in my humble opinion)- John Carter, Scream 4 and the likes. ( because to this one, you can rarely say No!)

The Sheldon Cooper(s)/Nerd

The plural because I know too many of the kind spread across various continents. ( who also fall in other categories, but whatever!) Now this one has read every book there has been written on this planet and beyond. He is the person who determines the next book you spend your money on and oh! He doesn’t read fiction. ( Science fiction some of them, but not the junta variety). Has an opinion and a fancy word for everything  that makes you reach for Wikipedia more than should be allowed at my age. He has deep, philosophical insights into things you never even bothered with and yet manages to engage and educate you about everything from Zen, Technology and much. ( and of course you are friends, because somewhere in you resides a Mini Cooper too! haha!)

The One you lost to the U.S. of A

Now even though technology has evolved and the world is flat so you never really ‘lose’ people anymore, yet there are some you lost to time and management consulting! Your oldest friend since dark ages, when you goofed up pronunciations in English ( and of course he has never ever let you forget that either!). The guy who knows what you looked like before the advent of beauty salons and such. And yet somehow your contact has faded over the years and he only occasionally shows up to annoy with some timeless banter. And You suspect, that even when another decade goes by, you would probably still talk like monkeys in a zoo!

The 4 am friend!

Yes. Since the world became a crazier place, men replaced women as our 4 am/2 am friends. The one friend who you could crib/lash out on to about everything that is wrong with your life ( yes about other guys too!). The quiet listener, who offers no judgement, no opinion (unlike us women), but plenty of reassurance and ceases the drama. You are thankful that among the ones that are avoiding the noise, there is one who is patiently tuning it to music.

The Celeb!

Now, if I were a more sports-oriented person, this one would be my go-to-man for all the updates and insights. The friend you almost always talk of while discussing people who followed their passion and made a career out of it.  And even with your poor show of keeping in touch with this one who is on his way to becoming a celebrity, you still find yourself on the acknowledgement page of his book! The friend you are extremely proud of yet you never end up telling him that at all!

The ‘Hi! Whatapp?!

Now this one is very strange. You live in the same city and never really talk on the phone. And most of the catching up happens over a drink, once in two months, when either of you bother to communicate on watsapp! You exist! Yet, he is great company while he isn’t checking out women in bars or pulling your leg over your sad/non-existent social life.  ( Since of course he is out painting the town red most weekends!)You have no interests in common except Old Monk served with a little gossip yet he is the great balance to the heavy duty talk with the Sheldon Coopers!

Of course this slotting is all in good fun, because these wonderful people are much beyond the categories my post limits them to. But to keep the post light as our beers and our conversations, here is a little Thankyou!

Because in life, bantering would resume as would great friendships! I hope you all know who you are…;)


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