Give Thanks!

It is way past the thanksgiving weekend, and yet I don’t think I would be done giving thanks for the wonderful experiences this year has ended with for a long time to come. What makes these experiences even sweeter is the fact that they came at a time in my life when I had for the first time stopped believing in myself, believing in the good in the world that far surpasses its ugliness, at a time that I had almost stopped seeing and dancing in this wonderful gift called life.

I had very little expectations from my trip to revisit the US  when I boarded the flight more than a month ago and as I write this note on my flight back from a trip to Dallas, teary-eyed after a heart-to-heart with my boss and one of the most wonderful women I have ever known, I don’t know if I would change anything about the last 40 days of my life.

But Thank you notes are tough, especially when there is no one person that can be thanked for bringing you to see your own true reflection in the mirror. Even more so when Thank you falls a million words too short to capture the gratitude you feel towards the universe and its workings.  But some words need to be spelt out, even though most people I thank would probably never get to read this note, but then like love, gratitude needs expression sometimes in words and sometimes in action. You know you are truly blessed when you find a great travel companion,  find a mentor for life, meet a dozen old friends and make a ton new ones in a span of a couple of weeks.

I am thankful for strangers, who became friends and left me speechless in their magnanimity. I am thankful for the friends who re-surfaced from the fuzzy place in my past, driving down to see me, reminding me once again of how blessed I truly am. Thankful for the familiar and thankful for the new and strange. For chance encounters and the ones fashioned by destiny.

Hence once again, from Rihanna’s song that once used to be my motto for life, this is for the one up there looking out for me, ‘Please don’t stop the music’.


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