HAPPINESS PROJECT -The January Resolutions Chart is Here!


So, I decided to tackle my resolutions one month at a time. Even though the themes have given me a general idea of what my year would look like, the actual action items will be chalked out before the next month begins. My progress in the previous month will give me more insight into my discipline and help forge the next set of resolutions more realistically. Apart from my resolutions chart each month, I will also do a “Mini Projects List” for each month, for the actions items that don’t need to be done daily, but which can be accomplished by blocking chunks of my time each week, for example, organizing my digital photo library (and some other fun projects that I have identified in the last few days!)

I posted earlier that  January would be “Just for Health” and I am including Physical and Emotional Health to start with. I have decided to tackle my financial health later, in a separate month ( this would involve, possibly living on an optimum daily budget and  a month of no shopping). Every year, at the beginning of the year, I also chalk out an investment plan (mandated for tax benefits), that helps me invest a little each month instead of dealing with a huge sum at the end of the year. This will be tackled as a “Mini Project” for January.

While my resolutions for January are pretty much self-explanatory and reflect my problem areas, I have added two that may not be on every person’s list. Time spent on facebook has become a major issue with me and I need to tackle that with the help of one of these app tracker tools: http://www.fastcompany.com/3024249/10-time-tracking-apps-that-will-make-you-more-productive-in-2014

Also, I have added a little girly quirk to my resolutions chart with PAINT YOUR NAILS! I have a bad habit of living with chipped nail polish, and it has everything to do with my laziness. I am resolving to paint my nails often and to make this more fun, I will do it with one particular color for each month, as a constant reminder of the Happiness mission I am on! Like a Promise Band, or Ring.

This will be fun!

Much Love and Happiness






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