Of January and some creme brulee

I have been good this January or I have tried really hard to be. Though if I were to honestly score myself for sticking to every resolution I made, I had a success rate of about 60%. But due to the structure of my resolutions chart, I think I did well in navigating through everything that the month had in store for me. This included some disappointments, some disagreements and work challenges that had the potential to make me quit the happiness project.

After putting many hurdles in my way for simplest of things like finding an appropriate/nearby/affordable exercising studio, January finally opened up its doors for me and I found a good fit  (along with a Gym partner- my mom!) And to put a cherry on top of my cake-less January (since avoiding refined sugar was one of my resolutions), the month rewarded me on the last day of the month at a fabulous party, by putting in my way the dessert that was worth the wait (oh that perfect creme brulee crackle!), and some fine wine.

Next on the blog would be the February resolutions. As decided earlier, February is for – Falling in Love. Again! (I mean what else could February be for!) As partner and I take a road trip in a few weeks and celebrate my 30th , it is a perfect opportunity to execute the next set of resolutions, while I keep going on the January ones!

Much Love


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