Made of stars

We were made of stars, they of dust thought I 

Our love the warm glow of the winter sun, surreal like a fantasy 

While they lived in the shadow of winter, their love tainted by reality.

Ours shone bright through the day and come dark we became fireflies.

While they I thought could barely whisper at twilight.

And while their’s ebbs and floods through seasons,

Ours was a perennial river 

The depth of our connection, impregnable, invincible,

I believed we were eternity. 

And for years the webs of half truth spun around us, concealed from us our fragility.

But time has its tricks so fate gets to play its hand, to shatter naivety 

I slowly learned how we were part dust too, 

That winter does dawn on all

And no love flows perennially, for it grows and ebbs and dissolves even

That we were ordinary and extraordinary all at once,

Living our fantasy and reality, dreams and resentments 

That we could be fireflies in a moment, and yet be engulfed in darkness the next,

That love is faithful only to this moment and makes no promises to eternity.


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