Happiness Project – Listing Monthly Themes

Inspired by Grechen Ruben’s book called the “Happiness Project”, about which I posted on my blog previously, I decided to take up the challenge myself and draw up the monthly themes for my year long resolutions chart.
Themes were easy to do and I got through them fairly quickly. Some of them were directly inspired by Ruben, and I suspect they would be common to majority of the people.
Listing down the specific tasks was fun but daunting. I found that even though I could list tasks for the first two quarters without any hurdles, listing tasks for the latter half of the year became challenging and intimidating. For a minute I was overwhelmed with the feeling of challenging the universe by making concrete plans. I am however going to finish the list as I go along but for now, “well begun is half done.” Here I am starting with posting the monthly themes for my resolutions.
I will post a list of the tasks later.

January – Just for Health (physical, mental, financial)

February- Fall in Love. Again.

March – Moving forward at work.

April – All my Passions

May – Make time for friends

June – Joy of helping others

July – Joy of Splurging

August – Accommodating fun and leisure

September- Spiritual pursuits

October- Out and About – My own city

November- Novel writing month

December- Do everything. Boot camp.

Love Much


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